The International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group is committed to promoting progress in the treatment of people with a thymic malignancy or other mediastinal malignancy or condition. This requires infrastructure as well as specific projects designed to promote collaborative work among researchers and physicians active in this field. Because this is a collection of rare diseases, it is particularly difficult to acquire funding through traditional mechanisms, such a research grants. The ongoing level of activity and success of ITMIG projects is critically dependent on philanthropic support. If you are interested in helping, there is no question that a donation will have a significant impact.

Currently we have several types of funds you can donate to, one is a general ITMIG fund that supports projects such as our database, general administrative, tissue bank, publications to name a few. Other funds have been set up in memory of specific individuals within our community. There is also a fund that has been created by a generous donor who is specifically interested in raising funds towards research ITMIG is involved with. To find out more about these funds please click on the links below.

In Celebration of Pat Sclafani

ITMIG 2019 On-line Fundraiser: Rally for Thymic Cancer

ITMIG General Project

October Fun Run/Walk Donations

In memory of Alan Blaustein

Richard & Kathleen Ossey Research Fund